Hello! I’m Emiliano, a web3 builder, researcher and investor with a strong interest in security

Welcome to my personal website! 👋

My journey in web3 starts in Q4/2019, I’ve been contributing as builder and security researcher, contributing to projects like **Yearn** and Synthetix, and bootstrapping new products.

Occasionally I invest in teams and projects as an angel and advisor.

Contact me if you’re interested chatting more about web3 or a project you’re working on.


Composability, Security, Reliability, Mechanism Design


Contact me via e-mail and telegram or view my github & twitter, linkedin


Q3/2023 - today: Rollup Product Lead @ Conduit, fully-managed production grade rollups on Ethereum

Q4/2022 - Q1/2023: Head of Research @ Immunefi, web3’s leading bug bounty platform

Q2/2022 - today: Advisor @ Aura Finance, yield and governance power booster for veTokens

Q3/2021 - Q3/2022: Cofounder @ Rentable, a no-collateral renting protocol for NFTs

2019 - today: Cofounder @ DeFi Italy, the Italian DeFi Community

Q1 - Q2/2021: Strategist @ Yearn, working with one of the most talented team in DeFi

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